Displaying Cluster Name in Each Kibana

Is there a recommended way to prominently display the cluster name in the Kibana UI for ECE managed Kibanas?

I've got several clusters going within ECE. The different URLs are all long hashes and the Kibana UI's are visually indistinguishable from one another if you've got multiple open.

Other suggestions on making this reasonably obvious to end users?

Hi @John_Zimmerman,

Thanks for posting this question.
Currently the way to add a custom message to Kibana UI is using a banner.
This can be configured by navigating to Management >> Advanced Settings and filter for banner, you should see two relevant configurations, notifications:banner where you can specify the string (supports markup) and notifications:lifetime:banner to control the time this banner will be displayed. Note users can dismiss the banner if they wish so it's not sticky by nature.
More information can be found in the following page.

Feel free to raise a feature request in the Kibana repository if one doesn't already exist.

Hope this helps.

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