Displaying kibana dashboard for each node in the cluster

Hi all,

I have a cluster that have 10 nodes and I collect data using topbeat. I am able to build visualization for fields available , but these visualization does'nt specify that information is coming from node 1 or node2. It is possible with kibana to do that like ganglia do ?
I am using Kibana 4.4.2.

Thanks in advance.

If you want your visualizations to only be for a certain node or nodes, you can add a filter or query. topbeat will include a hostname field, so for example you could add a search in the searchbar to the visualization: beat.hostname:node1 OR beat.hostname:node2.

If you want your visualization to include information for all nodes, you can add a terms aggregation on beats.hostname. In a bar chart for example, this will split the bars with different colors for each different hostname. An example might look like:

Thank you very much @jbudz it works like a charm :grinning: ! this it exactly what I was looking for