Top N - how to link to dashboard with filter instead of query

I have a customized Systems Overview dashboard for Beats data, and I wanted it to link to a Host Details dashboard by drilling down not by query, because query doesn't correctly filter some of the visualizations, but by filter from the Top N visualizations on the page.

I've been trying to work this out for a while and couldn't find reliable help instructions anywhere through searching, so I picked apart a URL to figure it out.

I thought I'd share since I'm sure someone else out there would like to use this.

When editing a Top N visualization and navigating to Item Url, you can define a URL and it can use {{key}} so if your Top N viz is by beat.hostname, you can use the following URL.

Just two parts of the string to replace with your own details (REPLACEWithYourDesiredDashboardIDENTIFIER and REPLACEWithYourIndexNUMBER).

Item Url:


If all you want to do is link by query, you can use this:


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