Do I need x-pack at all?

I do not need any features like machine learning. I`m using Xpack free only for setting a password for users. If I miss understood, please correct me.
I want:

  • install my Elastic search and Kibana on my ubuntu server (that only response to localhost. I have now)

  • Access Kibana in the browser. I can not open in Kibana from ssh so I should use the browser. I the Kkibana only listen to localhost on my server, how can I access it vi for example ?

  • I need to deny all IP and only allow localhost and server real IP

  • I need set a password for elastic and Kibana users.

Do I need x-pack for those above features?

You could use your SSH session to tunnel the web interface.

For example: 'ssh -L 5601:localhost:5601 name@'

That would allow you to browse to http://localhost:5601 and see the Kibana instance on the remote server.

Everything else is simple if you just modify the "server" lines in your Elastic and Kibana YML files. That restricts them to localhost interfaces only.

The only feature that X-Pack offers in this scenario is the user authentication. Unless you write another tool to handle the usernames/passwords, I believe you'd need X-Pack. However, since you can only access the Kibana and Elastic instances from that localhost, then you could let the SSH session be the authentication and manage accounts through Ubuntu. Use the Ubuntu logs for auditing if you need to research who was logged on at a certain time.

Hope that helps!

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