Doc_values and Inverted Index in Elastic 8.1

Hello everyone, my question is about the feature that makes possible to disable inverted index in Elastic 8.1. Can I still mannipulate the data I get from Logstash even without the inverted index? On my learning of ELK (still young on that) it was the inverted index that could make it happen so I still can't tell for sure how it would work.

I don't really understand what you mean by "inverted index" here. If you're talking about the way Elasticsearch stores data (which is Lucene who uses inverted index) there is no way to disable that as that is how ES works. Can you be more explicit with explaining your issue, maybe go through what you want to achieve and we can go from there?

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My bad, I wasn't clear enough. Is just that I checked the introduction of "doc-value-only fields" here and that made me think that I could save time/processing in the indexing process by disabling the "inverted index". In my head it wouldn't work since as you said, that's just how it works; So in the end I just got confused on how I would be able to make use of that feature of "doc-value-only fields".

I still green in the Elastic world so it might be just a bad interpretation by my part, for now I just use the basic of ELK to visualize some data from my database so I wanted to know if that new feature could be of help in order to improve the process.

Hi @SamuelSMendes Welcome to the community.

My suggestion for folks new to Elasticsearch... Is to use as many of the default settings as possible for a while until you get much more familiar.

Elasticsearch has been through many iterations to make it very efficient. ulUntil you get to you Advanced use cases or very very large scale. I would not try to turn or change too many settings.

There are many settings and you certainly can set them improperly and get worse behavior or performance.

A common mistake I see is people trying to overtune in the beginning or change all the names of the indices etc which just makes the learning process harder.

So get started, run it for a while and come back with some questions on what you're trying to accomplish and then perhaps we can help you tune it for there.

Just just a couple suggestions from someone that's been doing this for a bit.

Thanks for the tip @stephenb!

I've been using the default settings all arround, that was a case in particular that I found really interesting and maybe I got too excited to see how it would work :sweat_smile: In any case, what you said is just right and so I'll keep that in mind! Thanks again.

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