Docker 1.11 Supported only?

I work in the Federal space which requires flexibility in the versions of docker that are used. Officially 1.10.2 is the current supported version but we need to be able to test against many versions of docker including the beta releases. currently , the install only supports docker 1.11. Could the force check fail be removed in favor of a warning stating that the version of ECE supports docker 1.11? This shouldn't make debugging and support that difficult.

Currently it's not possible to test this product in our secure environment where its most important if we wish to evaluate it.


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My apologies, your post was auto-closed without receiving a reply. I reopened it and relayed your question to our team. I hope that one of them can chime in.



Hi @kitsushadow

Currently we indeed check for a specific Docker version, due to having issues with rogue Docker versions in the past. So we wanted to ensure users are running on a Docker version that we know to be working well with Elastic Cloud Enterprise. That said, I can see your point, and we'll consider adding a force override flag or something along those lines for one of the upcoming releases.

Thanks for you input!

Thanks for the response and consideration of the feature, it will definitely help us and others out.

Docker provides "Commercially Supported" version. Is there any plan to use it, or Elastic provides commercial support including Docker Engine itself ?

Hi @m-kiuchi

We use the open source version of Docker Engine. We will provide support for Elastic Cloud Enterprise, and naturally that may involve troubleshooting issues that may be related to Docker itself. Naturally, that doesn't mean we will provide generic support for Docker.


Thanks, Uri.