ECE does not officially support Debian 11?

According to the official documentation, Debian 11 is not supported. Could this be that this is because Debian 11 uses cgroups version 2? Which is not supported for ECE, probably also why RHEL9 is not listed.

But you can disable cgroups version 2 and then user version 1. Would that be enough to make it compatible? As long as you also use the proper Docker version and the other requirements such as RAM, XFS, etc.


ECE is a Licensed Commercial Product, please contact support and your Account team to get an official response.

If you are just evaluating at this point, In general, if OS is not formally listed, it will not be supported, i.e. you will not be able to file support tickets for issues that are related to the underlying issue, along with some other limitations.

I do not see any Official Debian support here or here

You should reach out to your support / Account team.

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