Docker fleet server binding error


I am using containerized fleet server on another machine and getting the following error.

[elastic_agent][error] 2022-07-07T07:24:31Z - message: Application: fleet-server--8.3.0[68af02f0-da42-4b33-b6e0-5264fcf0d72e]: State changed to FAILED: Error - listen tcp bind: cannot assign requested address - type: 'ERROR' - sub_type: 'FAILED'

 - FLEET_SERVER_ELASTICSEARCH_HOST=https://elasticsearch.fqdn:9200
 - FLEET_SERVER_SERVICE_TOKEN=fleet-service-token
 - FLEET_SERVER_CERT=/path/node1.pem
 - FLEET_SERVER_CERT_KEY=/path/node1.key
 - FLEET_URL=https://fleethost.fqdn:8220

I have also tried to use but no luck.

{"log.level":"error","@timestamp":"2022-07-06T16:44:27.681Z","log.origin":{"":"log/reporter.go","file.line":36},"message":"2022-07-06T16:44:27Z - message: Application: fleet-server--8.3.0: State changed to FAILED: Error - listen tcp: lookup "": no such host - type: 'ERROR' - sub_type: 'FAILED'","ecs.version":"1.6.0"}

Can someone suggest

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