Does Kibana reporting support multitenancy?


Does Kibana reporting plugin support Multitenancy?

Kibana kind of supports it, we were able to get around it with Shield, different ES indices per tenant and multiple instances of kibana.

Now the question is does the reporting plugin supports it ? Can we take a similar approach ?

(Matt Bargar) #2

At the moment the index used by reporting is not configurable, so the multi-tenancy strategy you're using for Kibana won't work for reporting. However, we consider this a bug and in future releases you'll be able to configure reporting's index, giving each Kibana instance it's own reporting index and locking them down per tenant with Security.

(John) #3

Do you know in what x-pack release it is planned for reporting to expose a configurable index?

Perhaps this may depend on any multi-tenancy features getting pushed into Kibana itself. The current state of play necessitating different kibana instances per tenant could be improved upon and there are a couple of alternative solutions being offered with search-guard and plugins (i.e. a multi-tenancy solution with a single kibana instance). However, they don't offer any solution by way of reporting.

This stack is really neat, but issues around multi-tenancy are currently an obstacle to adoption. Are there any other options regarding reporting and multi-tenancy other than waiting for it, which may not be a problem if a solution is due to be delivered shortly.

(Matt Bargar) #4

Configurable reporting index should come soon, it's already been worked on.

(John) #5

Thanks for the update Matt.

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