Reporting not able to use multiple kibana environments

In Plugin Package we found under path reporting/server/lib/constants.js that index of reporting is fixed. For our environment we would need that this is customizable.
Please be aware that this would be needed for our environment and is a blocker for using this helpful plugin.

Thank you in advance.

What's the use case behind wanting it customisable?

We use different kibanas for different indexes in connection with shield working on one elasticsearch cluster - hence multiple tenancy. But with only one index for reporting, reporting is available with the same report at every environment. But that is not a wanted scenario in our case.

This is a known issue with Reporting, and something we're actively trying to fix. Multiple tenancy is one of the bigger things we're trying to fix across all of our products, not just Reporting.

You're right, it's not possible at all right now, but we hope to get something workable out soon, even if it doesn't solve all multi-tenancy use cases right away.

Thank you, so please keep us updated.

Hi there,

are there any news regarding this issue? because I've seen that in most new version 5.1.1 this issue is still alive.

Thank you in advance.