Does multinode cluster require different certificates or just one will suffice?

Hey team,
I have a multi node cluster running which has a hot warm architecture. I have multiple hot nodes running on a single machine as docker images and multiple warm nodes running on another machine(this is also a single machine) as docker images. Like this I have multiple machines running multiple docker images. Now I am thinking of implementing elastic security on the cluster. My question is that will all these nodes require their own certificate or I just get one certificate and that single certificate will work for all those nodes. What I am trying to say is that suppose I have 10 node cluster running with docker on 2 machines, 5 nodes running as docker images on 1 machine and other 5 nodes on another machine, Now if I enable security do I have to have 10 certificates for all the 10 nodes or a single certificate will work for all the 10 nodes and if I have kibana running as a docker image will that single certificate also work there or I need a separate certificate for that.


You can have a certificate that applies to multiple nodes, take a look at Updating node security certificates | Elasticsearch Guide [8.7] | Elastic

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