Double split series possible?

Hello all, Please take a look at my above screenshot. The X-Axis has the week (time component). Y-Axis is count of occurrences. I am currently splitting this with a field called 'Responsible Party'. I want to break up of each of the bars with another field called status. The status has 2 terms - Resolved and Open. I want it to be stacked. Any help would be appreciated!

You want to see something like "Carrier - Resolved", "Carrier - Open", "Vendor - Resolved", etc.... right?

You can add a second "split series" for this to the above visualization. Just click "add" at the bottom and pick your status field as another split series to get this result

Thanks for the help. I found that if I split series again I get something like the first screenshot. As you can see it now has 6 bars instead of 3 bars and a split between them (which is what I'm looking for). If you can help me out with that it would be nice. For the time being I found an alternative. What I did to achieve this was make 3 scripted fields titled carrier, LSP and Vendor. If the responsible party has a carrier entry it would populate the carrier field with a 1 and the others with the zeros. I then took the sum of each field, put them all in different y-axes and then split series by status. I am attaching my output as well.

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