Download CSV numeric format issue

Hi all,

After creating a data table in kibana with appropriate fields, when I download CSV report, I see numeric values in report be given as 8.1E+11.

When I expand the column size , then too the values remains as 8.1E+11.
I want it to be displayed as 810000000000 in first time.

I have to go to CSV format, select format as numeric and then redo format.

Anyway to get the required format by default?

Hi @Sandeep_Raju

If you open the file in a plain text editor before opening in excel or whatever what does the data value look like?

Most likely it is the tool (excel etc) that you are opening the csv that is interpreting this... not the downloaded data...

@stephenb Yes , you are right...

When I open the same in text file, it is correct, whereas when I open a CSV tool like excel, it interprets format differently.

So for CSV tool like excel , I need to change default numeric format settings.

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