Number in 0,0a format downloading as text in CSV

this is an important feature request. We observe that Kibana gives the user the flexibility to display number in the format as 100k rather than 100,000. However, when a report of such kind is downloaded to CSV, the number 100k shows up as text which renders it without use for further calculations.
We often download reports from Kibana for further use.
In this post, we were informed that this is currently not possible. Any workarounds or feature request much appreciated please. Thanks...

Hi @behappy_alwayz0401 ,

each visualization should have access to the Inspector panel, which provides two option for the CSV download: Formatted and Raw.

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thank you..
we are able to see the option to download formatted/raw only for chart type of visualizations which is very helpful.
But for Discover reports we are unable to find such an option by clicking on "inspect". Any suggestions please..? thanks...

True, that only applies to visualizations.
As for other sources that leverage the CSV reporting system, you can track the progress of this feature request here: [Reporting] Exporting raw data from table-based visualizations · Issue #30982 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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Thank you..

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