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is there a way to store a number as 0,0a format but for report download purposes it still shows as the full number? The reason being, when you download the 0,0a format to a CSV it doesnt show up as a number for further use.
e.g. 100,000 stores as 100k and downloads as 100k in CSV as well and not as a number and cannot be converted to number format in CSV. thanks
screenshot of Discover report download

I don't think that this is something you can do in general. The csv in general downloads the fields with the exact format that you see on your browser.

Would there be any workaround to this... so we can display as 100k but download as 100,000 to CSV?

And if no workaround is available currently, how can one place this as a feature request? We often use report downloads and to make calculations on the downloaded data. For viewing purposes on Kibana, displaying as 0,0a is required but without that coming in the way of calculations on a CSV download.. thanks..

Actually what you can do is go to Inspect and select download CSV as raw value
For example in Lens

this will download the CSV without the formatters.

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