Download of indices as download option

Hi all,

Sometimes, I need to download entire index data for different purposes.
Maybe use it for another place or app.
There is no export button for getting Elasticsearch Index Data as json file or some other format in Kibana.

Only way which I can think of is to use Snapshot & Restore to transfer Index data from one server to another server. But I want to download Index Data.

I'm using Elasticsearch & Kibana 7.16.3

Anyway we Can do it?

Well you have different options:

  • Download a CSV report from Discover saved search
  • Use the Elastic JDBC driver to connect as a SQL database so you can maybe dump your index into another relational database. It requires a Platinum subscription.
  • A community development that is very popular is elasticsearch-dump.
  • Write your own integration using any of the official SDKs, they should support pagination.

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