Draw date histogram after with applying filter


I made a dashboard that contains a control visualization with two option lists (A and B, A is parent of B ) and a Date histogram.
Is there any way for the histogram to "draw" the lines after I have choosen something in two option lists?

Hello @Voula_Mikr -

Controls can be used as filters - https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/for-dashboard.html

Visualizations will respect filters set by controls.

Hi Matthew,

Thank you again for your answer.
I have a dashboard with an option list with two options and a date histogram.
My exact problem is that due to many data in elastic (about documents for one index-pattern of Kibana and about 160.000 distinct values for the second option list (size)), Kibana seems to be stuck when loading the visualizations of the dashboard (too many "wait for the page to load" ).
I am trying to find a way to limit somehow the buckets that will be returned (especially for the histogram) by making a "pre-selection".
So select some values in two option list and when "Apply" is pressed then the aggregation request of histogram will be sent to elasticsearch.

Is there any other way to do something like that (for example put option list visualization on one "page" and go to another page with histogram when apply is pressed or something like that) ?

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