Filter some value on visualize "control" function

I want to use the field: "product" to be a selection menu using the visualize feature "control".

Data of field: "product" contains three types: keyboard, computer, screen.

In default "control" function, my select menu will show these three types keyboard, computer, screen.

Is there a filtering function to make my menu only show two types: keyboard, computer ?

In the "Line" visualize, it support us to use KQL section to filter data, however, it doesn't appear in "Control" visualize.

If you add the Control to a dashboard you can use KQL to filter the data. On it's own, the control visualization isn't of use, it's intended to work on a dashboard with other visualizations.

Can I set a KQL statement and locked on specify dashboard when every user open the dashboard?

Yeah, just save the dahsboard with that statement and it should be there when everybody else opens it.

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