Drawing bar chart by custom timestamp field

Hi I'm trying to draw simple bar chart using time series csv data.

I've got the csv like this:
2019-10-28 09:03:00.532,TAG-001,"[1,1,1,0,0...(so many boolean elements here)...,0,0]"
2019-10-28 09:03:00.836,TAG-001,"[1,1,1,1,1...(so many boolean elements here)...,0,1]"
2019-10-28 09:03:01.134,TAG-001,"[1,1,1,0,1...(so many boolean elements here)...,1,1]"

I wanted to show data like

  1. boolean array's total length by each timestamp. ex. 100
  2. the ratio of (total count of element 1) / (total count of element 0) by each boolean array. ex. 20/80.
    so I successfully calculated total length and the count of 1 and 0 and saved in my custom fields using logstash.
    "total_length" : 100
    "count_1" : 20
    "count_0" : 80

But the problem is that,
the timestamp values in csv are really meaningful itself, so I just want to use this timestamp as it is in x axis, not using any grouping option.

In other words, I want to fix x axis(timestamp) to csv timestamp values and show y axis values(total count, 0/1 ratio). I don't want to group or aggregate any of it. just showing the calculated result with actual timestamp values.

Is that possible? If so, how can I achieve this?

When I'm trying with bar chart, even if I set custom x axis interval to 300ms, kibana just automatically adjust grouping, and does not show result by exact timestamp value in csv.

Any advice will be appreciated!

We don't really have a good visualization for raw documents right now. They're all aggregation based. The best option is probably Canvas, which allows visualization of raw documents. We are working on some raw document visualizations, but they haven't landed yet.

That sounds really good. Can you give the approximate date of launching?

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