Drilldowns using scripted fields to preserve timestamps

Hey, Im currently using 7.2 Kibana
I'd like to be able to preserve the timestamp when using drilldowns in scripted fields.
For example, if I'm looking at a dashboard with the timerange 30d-Now to now, I'd like to be able to drill down and still have the timerange 30d-Now on the new dashabord.
I've seen this being raised before but couldn't find any status on it currently.

Hey @kilianten, Unfortunately I'm not sure if there's a way to preserve dashboard dates in a URL via scripted fields, as those are run against each document and don't necessarily know anything about the current dashboard state.

However, we added support for dashboard-to-dashboard drilldowns in 7.8 which provides an easy way to do what you describe.

Hey Luke, I'll upgrade and see how it goes, thanks for the information

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