Landing on a dashboard with a dynamic time period

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Hello guys,

I made a scripted field, say 'A', with setting an URL template to land on a dashboard. But I'd like set the time period on the landed dashboard based on a timestamp field in the original event having the field 'A'. Specifically, I'd like to set the time period nearby the specific timestamp (e.g., +/- 10 seconds).

Is there any possible way to do it using kibana or other functionalities?

I tried and searched for any clues to this with nothing. Hope I could get some help from here.


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hi @mr_chang7,

the URL-formats are not documented, but you can use the time: property.


this url points to a dashboard with time between 2013-03-08T00:00:00.000Z' and '2018-03-07T21:54:43.686Z'. You can adjust the from to param as desired.


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Right, that's the sort of URL I'm dealing with. I'd like to adjust the from/to part based on my timestamp field. Wondering if this is only possible when I make a scripted field on the timestamp field as I have to provide the {{value}} to the URL? Can I do that on the field "A" while using the timestamp adjustment?

One side question: the URL opens a dashboard on a new tab. How can I open it on the same tab?

Thanks for your help.

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you can access doc-values in your scripted field doing something doc['timestamp'].value.

This is a good intro: It has some date examples.

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