DropDownControl - filter with fields information

Hi, i starte dto work with canvas, it's really nice.
But i have a problem by using fields information as filter.

I wan't to use the information "fields.FileType"
My Convas DropBox
esdocs index="event-*" fields="fields.FileType"
| dropdownControl valueColumn="fields.FileType" filterColumn="fields.FileType"
| render
But the dropbox is empty.
If i use the property "message", it works!!
So, any idea?

The expression looks correct to me. Are there any other filters on the Canvas that could be preventing the data from showing up? How many documents do you have? esdocs can't handle very large datasets.

there are no other filters. The number of documents should not be the problem, because with the "message" property, it works. I'll try to use a query than esdocs, maybe it's the solution. Any other ideas?

RTFM :smiley:
So i did, and now it works :wink:

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