ECE - Confusion about docker storage driver to use - overlay or overlay2?

Docker's documentation is clear: if possible and your kernel supports it, use overlay2 as the storage driver, as stated here:

Note : If you use OverlayFS, use the overlay2 driver rather than the overlay driver, because it is more efficient in terms of inode utilization. To use the new driver, you need version 4.0 or higher of the Linux kernel, or RHEL or CentOS using version 3.10.0-514 and above.

However, ECE's documentation and installation script says otherwise and recommends overlay over overlay2 during the prereq check phase:

Checking Docker storage driver...

  • The installation with overlay2 can proceed; however, we recommend using overlay

... and, confusingly, the official Ansible playbook sets overlay2 as the storage driver when installing ECE on RHEL7.

Why the discrepancy, and why recommend overlay over overlay2 when Docker themselves recommends otherwise?


Sorry, missed this - let me go ask around. (It is likely that for some docker/kernel versions overlay2 caused problems with ECE and therefore we recommend that by default)

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