ECK vs Elastic Cloud

Hi all,
I'm researching the main differences between using an ECK on a GKE on GCP vs just going for the fully managed Elastic-cloud solution. One of our main concerns is the price differences.
Is there some online calculator to get an estimate price on both solutions?
My guess is that the fully-managed Elastic-cloud solution is more expensive due to the fact that I won't need to manage the infrastructure underlying the Elastic.

Help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @wittydavid, thanks for your question.

ECK is free with Basic license, so the answer would greatly depend on the exact features and support you need. Refer to the license comparison and Elastic Cloud pricing to find out more. I'm not aware of any online resource that would allow to calculate exact differences.

Let me know if you have more questions.


Hi @dkow!
Sorry for the belated response.
Thank you for your response, I'll look into the mentioned links :slight_smile:

Hi @wittydavid,

Besides what @dkow has mentioned, ECK as you correctly understand is an on-prem offering and the real difference lies in the total cost of ownership and operation. Elastic Cloud is our hosted managed offering, and really simplies the operational aspects of running Elasticsearch or any of our solutions. We could also connect you with someone on our team to help understand your usecase and help you make a decision. An email to should get you in touch with our team.