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(Reverse Flash Dc) #1

How can I configure that in the cloud?
It´s because I can´t alerts by email

profile: gmail
auth: true
starttls.enable: true
host: smtp.gmail.com
port: 587

(Wayne Taylor) #2

You dont need to configure that but you do need to whitelist the email address. Did you do that in account settings?

(Reverse Flash Dc) #3

I didn't.
Where is that with list?
I'm sorry, it's my very first time

(Wayne Taylor) #4

Navigate to this URL and you will see this https://cloud.elastic.co/account/profile

(Reverse Flash Dc) #5

Okey! It works! thank you!

(Wayne Taylor) #6

Great :slight_smile: - Glad it helped. You only really need to modify your elasticsearch.yml for slack and other integrations. See here: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/cloud/current/ec-watcher.html

(system) #7

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