Elastic 7.5.1 Monitoring Nodes Switching between "monitored by metricbeat" and "monitored through self monitoring"

Hi all,
I am right now setting up a brand new Elastic Stack Cluster based on 7.5.1.
I have now 10 data nodes and 1 Kibana Coord Node. After setting up the monitoring like the "new way" with metricbeat, I have a strange behaviour in the kibana monitoring view.
When I enter the "Setup Mode" in the monitoring Section, there are nodes, which switch between a blue "monitored by metricbeat" and a red "monitor with metricbeat" tag every few seconds. I cannot find any mistake, as the metricbeat config is identical on all nodes. Can anybody help me here, as it is really annoying to get this info right at the beginning of a new stack?

Thanks in advanced!

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