Elastic 8.7.0 Error in Discover tab

Have a single node cluster up and trying to use metricbeats locally and running into this error. I haven't come across it before. What is actually broke? This is when I go into the discover tab under metricbeat and try to view the data

TypeError: t.at is not a function
at http://xxx:5601/61109/bundles/plugin/data/kibana/data.plugin.js:1:312992
at Array.forEach ()
at n (http://xxx:5601/61109/bundles/plugin/data/kibana/data.plugin.js:1:312956)
at s (http://XXX:5601/61109/bundles/plugin/discover/kibana/discover.chunk.0.js:1:10138)
at http://xxx:5601/61109/bundles/plugin/discover/kibana/discover.chunk.0.js:1:10215
at Array.map ()
at a (http://xxx:5601/61109/bundles/plugin/discover/kibana/discover.chunk.0.js:1:10207)
at http://xxx:5601/61109/bundles/plugin/discover/kibana/discover.chunk.0.js:1:8442
at http://xxx:5601/61109/bundles/kbn-ui-shared-deps-npm/kbn-ui-shared-deps-npm.dll.js:334:27724
at t.s._next (http://xxx:5601/61109/bundles/kbn-ui-shared-deps-npm/kbn-ui-shared-deps-npm.dll.js:6:33456)

Hi @afmiller1,

What browser are you using? Could you please try with its latest version?

Hi @afmiller1
And did you do a hard shift reload? Clear Browser and Reload?

Updating fixed the issue.


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