Update to 8.7.0


I have problem with kibana Analitycs > Discover after update to version 8.7.0 from 8.6.1 on Oracle Linux 8.7

many options working without error

Hi @adis3421,

Could you please share your steps (which UI features you used or what is different about your data source) so we can reproduce this problem?

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I use simply update with cli:
"yum update elasticsearch" and on host with kibana "yum update kibana". Next i login to kibana interface and i click Discover and i see this error. In dashboard a lot visualisation working but not wiem once with search(Discover). On https://mykibana:5601/status i have everything green.

What browser do you use? Can you try on the latest version of it?

I'm using Brave, when I updated to the latest version everything is fine. My environment is separated from the Internet so I have problems with updates.

Thanks for your help.

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