Kibana discover display bug?


On 2 servers in 2 seperate clusters I have installed Kibana 7.7 .
The thing is, when I start and go to 'discover, all is ok (except for an error message I have a seperate topic for). After initial start I am greeted with a small welcome message that stays for 5 secs and then disappears.

However, when I go to 'management' and then go back to 'discover' nothing happens. Even if I reload the page then, I get no 'discover' page on screen , it just stayes white. I can go to visualizations' or 'Dashboard' and the same as with 'management' happens.

BUT... If I go to canvas, Kibana appearantly reloads (I do have to say, it is slower than 6.x by the way),and shows the message again.

If after that, I click on discover again, Again kibana seems to reload again (according to the progressbar) and I am greeted again with the welcome message. But also the time to show (top right of the screen) is reset to 15 minutes from whatever I set it to earlier.

And the same like THIS happens when I go through 'APM' or 'maps' or 'Logs'. Everytime I open a page which starts with kibana logo and progressbar I can after that open 'discover like it is the first time I enter the site. But If I go through a page that is not loaded via a progressbar, discover is not shown.

After I change the time to show to e.g. 15 days, when clicking another page in kibana, I see that the time in the url parameters is set to 15m again.

What is happening here? Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Kibana 7.7 is installed against Elasticsearch 7.7 in Centos 7.7 (accidental :wink: ) and runs on a VM with 16GB Ram and 4 cpu's

Hello @Tuckson - It seems like you're running into a bug relating to loading kibana apps. Could you take a look at the console in your browser to see if there are any errors?

A lot of work has been done to avoid page reloads when navigating between kibana apps. You should find 7.8 to be a bit better in this regard.

OK, given I am stll in setup phase, the first thing I will do is upgrade the stack to 7.8 then.
Will let you know.


Upgraded ES, kibana and logstashes to 7.8.1
Unfortunately the issue is still there. Hope there are other suggestions?

Edit: I also noticed I do not ever get anything listed in the top left 'recently viewed' section. Stays just empty with the message "No recently viewed items"


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