Kibana navigation very slow


I could observe that kibana navigation between different pages is very slow.

The search looks fine. But if I go to discover and then to dashboards etc...that navigation is taking a lot of time.

Please note, that we have installed ELK stack but not performed any tuning.

Could you please let me know what information do you need to check what is causing this issue ??

Providing some additional information.

Kibana version : 7.6.2
Browser : Chrome

Below are the screenshots from the network dev tools

Do you see the loading spinner when switching between Discover and Dashboard? These apps in particular should be loaded on the same page and not trigger a page load (which can take a while). If the switch takes longer than a second or two, something is definitely off. Could you also share your version and how you installed Kibana? Did you change any configurations in the kibana.yml file or are is Kibana running behind a proxy?


Below is the situation :

I opened discover...worked on it...then went to visualize ( spinner did not appear ) and the page loaded soon.

Then went to management page --> navigated on the index management page --> then back to visualize ( this time it took some time and spinner appeared )

So whenever the spinner appears, the page load is taking a lot of time.

Kibana version is 7.6.2

I have downloaded the kibana installer from :

cd /elk
tar xvfz software/kibana-7.6.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz
mv kibana-7.6.2-linux-x86_64 kibana

Above steps performed for installation.

We have not made any changes in the kibana.yml except for changing the and server.port

Let me know if I am missing anything here....

If there is no proxy running in front of Kibana there are few things to improve here. Switching between the most common apps Visualize/Dashboard/Discover should be quick. If you go to other apps as well, it's possible the navigation is a little slower - something that will get better in the upcoming versions.


So do you suggest any changes for my environment ??

We do not have any proxy configured...

When you say slow, how long does the navigation roughly take? If you look at the network tab in the browser, is it downloading all js files completely from scratch or is it using the browser cache?

Hello Joe,

Some times, each tab takes 1 or more than 1 minute.

From my observation, I think it is downloading all the js files from scratch.

A minute is definitely longer than usual.

Could you copy / paste all request header and response headers of let's say the vendors_0.bundle.dll.jsfile? Also make sure you don't have caching disabled in your browser.

If you are pinging the host Kibana is running on from your local computer, how long does it take? If there is a high latency it could also cause patterns like this because Kibana consists out of a lot of files.

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