Discover, Timelion, & Visualize Lock Up (Data Corruption?)


On a couple different occasions now I have been busy making a dashboard when all of a sudden the page refreshes on its own. The page loads as blank white (with the toolbar on the left). If I try clicking on Discover, Timelion, or Visualize then I get blank white pages. If I try Dev Tools or Management, I can load those pages.

I tried reseting my Kibana and Elasticsearch, no effect.

The only thing that worked was clearing out all the data in my ElasticSearch DB using:
curl -XDELETE localhost:9200/*

Of course, that is a rather impractical solution to repairing this kind of problem...

Any thoughts or ideas on how to prevent this? Has anyone else had this happen before?

I can't say I've seen this or heard of anyone else running into it.

Is it happening to you only while you're adding visualizations to a dashboard, or at other times too?

And when you end up in that state, where the right side of the interface is empty, if you look in your browser's debugging console, do you see any error messages?

Good call, I forgot Kibana is browser based and that I should check out the console for more info.

For now, the bug has not reappeared and (un)fortunately I do not have a good enough repro. After reloading all my data, everything has been running smoothly (although my Dark Theme did turn off for no reason at one point).

Really appreciate the fast response, I'll be sure to post here if it happens again with more info from the browser console. Thanks!

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