Elastic-agent fleet apache integration illegal_argument_exception


Running on 7.10.2.
I have added the "Apache" integration to collect only logfiles, not metrics.
When I go to discover to browse the logs-* index, these errors appear:

1 of 8 shards failed
## illegal_argument_exception at `shard` 0 `index` .ds-logs-apache.access-default-000001 `node` 30iScyvDQLG7jd-CklbUhw
Field [event.created] of type [keyword] does not support custom formats

The request shows:

      "field": "event.created",
      "format": "date_time"

Never mind.
When I create a new index pattern for the log-apache.access & log-apache.error data streams, it works fine.

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I think you might find a bug here. I don't think the event.* fields are added into the apache package. I will look into this. Thank you!

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