Elastic App Search costs

Hi guys,

I've created a free cluster for 14 days (for testing) in the elastic cloud but I have some doubts about the Elasticsearch cluster and Elasticsearch App Search.

First case:
If I want to keep a cluster in Elastic cloud and use Elasticsearch App Search, is it free to use App Search? I know to keep my cluster has a cost.

Second case:
If I want to create my elasticsearch cluster on-premise and use elasticsearch app search, is everything here free? (I know elasticsearch on-premise could be free if I don't use "premium" features.)

I have a last question for the first case, I created documents inside App Search (I was hoping to see these documents like an index in Elasticsearch StackManagement) but I can't find the documents created from App Search, where they are saved?

many thanks!

Enterprise Search / App Search Costs will be calculated as a resource used along with the the Elasticsearch Resources

You can go to the Elastic Cloud Pricing Calculator to see the costs. A single 2GB Instance of Enterprise Search is Free, additional resources have a costs.

Yes there is a lot of App Search functionality included in the Free / Basic Tier for self managed see here

That is because the App Search indices are not meant to be directly accessed, They are stored in Elasticsearch but they are "Hidden" as they are managed by App Search and should only be access via the App Search APIs

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