Elastic Cloud - Datadog Integration - Failing

I am trying to integrate Datadog with Elastic Cloud for monitoring the deployments.

But I am getting the below error when following the instructions. Any suggestions:
Your Elastic Cloud credentials are not authorized to query this resource.

Steps: provided by Datadog monitoring:

To create a read-only Elastic Cloud user:

  1. Access all your Elastic Cloud deployments.
  2. Select your deployment name.
  3. Click Manage permissions under Management.
  4. Under the Roles tab, create a role by clicking Create role.
  5. Enter Datadog-Role in Role name.
  6. Enter monitor, read_slm in Elasticsearch Cluster privileges.
  7. Under Indices, enter the indices you want metrics for. In privileges, enter monitor.
  8. Click Create role.
  9. Go to Users tab.
  10. Click Create user.
  11. Fill out the form with a username, email, and password.
  12. Enter Datadog-Role in Roles under Privileges.
  13. Click create user.

Get your Elastic Cloud deployment URL:

  1. Access all your Elastic Cloud deployments.
  2. Select your deployment.
  3. Find Elasticsearch under Applications.
  4. Click Copy Endpoint to copy the deployment URL.

Any suggestions.

Hi @csr1 Welcome to the Community.

First, are you using the Hosted version of Elasic Cloud?


2nd, the error basically says as I read it is that the role definition the Data Dog needs is not correct.

Since we do not own that Data Dog integration it is unclear what data they are trying to access / pull I think you are going to need to engage them..

Make sure you are clear what Version of the Elastic Stack you are on like 8.12.1 etc.. there have been many changes over the releases.

Something seems Odd. Where are you actually creating the Role looking at the instructions, there are no Manage Permissions on the Manage Deployment Screen of Elastic Cloud, so these whole instructions look odd to me...What exactly are you running?

There is nothing called permissions in Kibana Either...

Hi Stephen,
Thanks for your reply. I am following this guide on the Integration guide from DD. I can and create the roles and permission. You can do that by hitting the "Open" button for kibana. When you can create the roles/users that this page is referring. too. SNip from it below

Ok so in Kibana - Stack Management - Roles

So I suspect it's not the proper definition of the roles and depending on what they're doing, you're going to need to ask Data Dog. I can't tell you what roles you need.

Also, it's a little odd. They're asking you what indices you want to monitor. I'm a little confused by that statement.

I think you're going to need to ask your data dog rep.

@stephenb , sure, thanks, I'll get it via DD team.

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