Elastic Cloud. Different deployments. Titles

Hi, we are using Elastic Cloud to administer different deployments for different clients. We use it and have opened more than one windows at a time and it's easy to loose control on what client we are working on..

It would be very helpful if we can mark with a title with the deployment's name that always shows in the active windows witch deployment are you working on.... It's possible ?

Thank you !!!

Hi @xhidalgo

One tweak that you could work with is to change the favicons as demonstrated in this blog article . That could help you visually to browse the different windows (e.g. one favicon per customer?).

Hi @rpoc, sorry for taking time to answer... I'm going to try what you said, but maybe it could be parametrized in future versions ???

Thank you !!!

Hi @xhidalgo - No problem. I will create an internal enhancement request (ER) for this and will let our cloud team assess it. I cannot guarantee that this will be implemented or included in our roadmap but it will bring visibility to our product team regarding our customers business needs/requirements.

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