Elastic Cloud : Searchable snapshots requirements and howto?

Hi Folks,

I've been trying to get searchable snapshots working on 7.11 and have tried the setting the cold phase to take a searchable snapshot (using the found-snapshots repo - this might be a mistake) but the actions never seem to complete. I'm using elastic cloud.

Put simply what are the requirements or can someone at elastic show us :

  • What are the requirements for searchable snapshot?
  • Do we need a hot / cold tier?
  • can we use the found-snapshots repo or do we need to register another one?
  • Will the snapshots show up in the snapshot management ui?
  • How will we know if we are searching a snapshot that resides on s3 / azure?

A guide that takes us from new cluster to searching data stored on s3 / azure would be great - the current docs only cover ILM setup...


any updates on this Elastic?

Hi @hilt86

Thanks for the questions, yes the documentation is a bit unclear / confusing right now.

Searchable snapshots is the underlying capability that will be powering the greater efficiencies our new cold and soon frozen data tiers.

I've asked internally if we're going to have a how-to blog very much geared around the questions that you're asking I don't have an answer for that yet.

In the meantime perhaps learning a bit more about searchable snapshots might help with the getting up to speed on the concepts.


Well I did find this blog... it is a pretty good walk through, but it was a bit hard to find, I am asking for an update but this should answer many of your questions.

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