ILM Hot Tier Searchable Snapshots

What is the use case around Hot Tier Searchable Snapshots in ILM?

I was thinking maybe... if you have an s3 repository available, do you need Cold/Frozen at all? Response time and replica requirements notwithstanding, it seems reasonable that a single Hot tier backed by S3 only could work. Or am I missing something fundamental.

No, the idea is that it replaces those entirely.

Hot tier is not associated with searchable snapshots, it's for the ingest and search tier of recent data.

I see that there is a "Searchable Snapshot" option in my Hot Tier ILM. Not sure I follow what you mean by 'Hot tier is not associated with searchable snapshots,...'

I was thinking that I could have local storage for ingest and recent data searches, enable the "Searchable Snapshot" function at the Hot Tier ILM level and utilize an S3 repository. There by having hot tier data on local drives at a possible lower capacity with a more aggressive roll-over to S3. The ILM becomes 'hot' only. With a split of storage between local drives and s3 objects.

The concept of searchable snapshots is that they are cheap to store at the cost of being slower than normal indices to query. And a hot tier is supposed to be fast, so I don't know why that's included in the ILM setup there. I will see if I can find out more.


I was wondering if you had found out any additional information regarding Hot Tier Searchable Snapshots?

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