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I had an local instance 6.2 in which ran an imap pipeline without problems.

I was evaluating the cloud solution of ELK in version 7.0 and I see that from the dashboard I can create pipelines, but it seems that these do not run and do not generate an index .... Can someone help me about it?

 input {
        imap {
            host => "imap.gmail.com"
            user => "mysuer@gmail.com"
            password => "mysupersecurepassword"
            port => 993
            secure => true
            check_interval => 1000
            fetch_count => 10
            folder => "Inbox"
    filter {
        prune {
            whitelist_names => [ "message" , "timestamp", "subject" ]
        mutate {

Hello @Dr_Slump,
this forum is for enterprise version of the Elastic Cloud, but it looks like your question is about the Elasticsearch Cloud Service. I unlisted your question because it seems to be off-topic.
If you have problems or questions, please contact support.
Regarding your question, probably your disabled automatic index creation while creating the cluster. Please go to cluster's Edit page and find section Elasticsearch plugins and settings then expand the list of settings below and find checkbox Enable automatic index creation. If the checkbox is disabled, enable it and save changes. If it is enabled, please contact support and they will help you.

Thanks Yuri! I've tried your method but index creation are ready checked... i try to ask at support team.


Yuri, maybe looks and stupid question, but how can I contact with support, my username from elastic stack cloud doesn't work.

Try to use "forgot password" or just send an email. It will generate a ticket.

I've moved this one to the #logstash category, as it seems more relevant to that.

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