Elastic Enterprise Search Instance is Missing

I am running elastic cloud stack v.7.17.0.
This morning I got this warning.

Does this included by default?
Because I don't remember I have that instance before (maybe I am not paying attention to it).

Hi @wijamw

Did you ask this question in our community slack too? In the future, please ask in only one venue, as it makes it easier for us to stay on top of people's questions that way.

Were you using the Enterprise Search nodes or features? Our Cloud deployments are designed to intelligently downscale resources that are not being used, in order to keep your costs down. That's what this looks like to me. However, if you were actively using Enterprise Search you may want to reach out to Support to ask for troubleshooting assistance. As an Elastic Cloud customer, you are entitled to Support, and they'll be able to look into the cluster logs to see what happened.

Yes, I asked in Slack, but it seems everyone is still busy there.
Thanks for answering me here.

If this was automatic, where I can check the log when the instance is being deleted?
To know that it was intentionally done by cloud instead of someone making a mistake.
I have checked in activity and "logs and metric" but I found none.

Unless you have previously configured your deployment for log delivery and aggregation, you are not keeping your logs. However, if you file a support ticket, our Support Engineers will be able to assist you in tracking down logs from our side, and can help you determine what happened. As an Elastic Cloud customer, you are entitled to support services.

Thanks, I will try to contact Support.

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