Elastic/Kibana Maintenance

Hi everyone,
I was wondering what steps I should follow for production-grade Elasticsearch maintenance for on-premises deployment. Any resources/idea would be highly appreciated.


What sort of maintenance do you have in mind?

Hi @warkolm, I have no specific use case in mind now. I'm just learning for a job placement where the responsibilities would be to set up and maintain a 3-node elasticsearch and rabbitmq clusters. I want to know what type of maintenance is necessary, or I should look for the generic tasks of a web-based system.

Many thanks

Keeping Elasticsearch and Kibana up to date is important.
As is general system patching.

Otherwise make sure you are using things like ILM to manage indices.

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Thanks @warkolm for sharing. I will follow up if something specific comes up.

Hi @warkolm, just to make my question little bit me more specific...I'm working for a on premises deployment with docker-compose for a 3-node cluster. So let me know if you can suggest some guidelines/outline that I should follow for time-to-time maintenance (a routine work or something...), device/hardware space upgrade, or ILM management as you referred. I have found this blog post from my search so far, but I'm not sure if this is something I should be looking for.

Thanks again for your time.

We don't really provide maintenance processes like this.

If you are using docker then that does abstract a lot of overhead of patching the Elasticsearch host, as you simply replace the container with an updated version and you'd be following Upgrade Elasticsearch | Elasticsearch Guide [8.4] | Elastic.

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