Elastic Observability Practice Exam - Fleet server is down

Course: Elastic Observability Practice Exam
Version: 8.8.2
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The fleet server on my elastic observability practice exam is down. The environment has been reset once already, this is the state on a fresh environment.

Hi @josha ,

please try running docker restart fleet-server on a terminal to see if you get the Fleet Server ready.


Hey Andre,

Thanks - I forgot these were all docker containers.

I've tried restarting the fleet-server container but it did not resolve the issue. docker ps shows the container is "Unhealthy". I entered the container with docker exec and it does show the elastic services running, elastic-agent status says state is healthy, message: running. Fleet state is starting with no message. Components fleet-server, system/metrics, and apm all healthy with the associated pids.

I checked data/elastic-agent-*/logs/ and the directory is empty.

I can ping the fleet-server ( from outside the container so it seems like network is fine but it's not communicating with kibana - everything still appears as my screenshot above.

Hi @josha ,

I replaced your lab environment one more time.

Please check if Fleet Server is healthy before proceeding with practice exam tasks.