Elastic repository problem?


I'm currently upgrade ELK stack tot the lastest version.
Yesterday I started with data nodes and master. I notice the link was very slow and at the end of the day, I had to relaunch the download few times to end it.

Today is the same but, why I have a lot of time out from the elastic repo ? (ie, I can wget an iso from ubuntu without any problem).

Is anyone experiencing the problem ?

Thank you

And the yum repo for release 7 is broken too. It has not been uptaded since the 11th of november 2023. So no version 7.17.16 is available.


you can find every version of elastic here:



I need a fully working repository, not a manual download.

Hi @fbacchella

We are working on it.

The problem for 8.x should be solved now. Could you try again @ramiwashere?

Hello @dadoonet ,

I opened a ticket last week and the support assured me that there was no problem.
After that I didn't have any problems downloading (a bit of latency), but I was able to finish the update.

Merci :wink:

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