Elastic runtimes fields


I try to make a dashboard with term agg (with three different values). But one of the values is too big, so it does not show it.

This is the field value

So I guess thats why it does not appears on my visualization.

I think that maybe if I add a runtimefield I can cut this _ source field en add to the visualization.

I never use runtime fileds, so This is posible? can you help me?

Hello @Rossana,

When you say it's too big, are you referring to what type of data? And for what type of visualization?

String field on a bar stacked visualization

Hi, it sounds like you have different terms to compare in this graph, and the counts for one of the terms is so high that the other term(s) aren't visible. You might find success by changing the axis scale from "linear" to "logarithmic" to make the numbers more visually comparable.

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