Elastic Search set up in Cluster Environment

Hi Team,

We have 3 different node is in our production env. Two working as Master-data and one as master. All three are connected to load balancer.

Right now we are having 3 instance of Kibana connecting to one or other ES. This means we have 3 different URL of Kibana showing the same data.

My questions are:

  1. We are planning to expose Kibana to our business users. Do we need to share 3 different URLs of the Kibana instance. I believe its not right. Can you help me understand how should we configure Kibana so the end user always have single URL of Kibana irrespective of the number of nodes in the cluster.

  2. Lets says if we decide to share any one of the URL of Kibana instance and unfortunately the ES tied to this Kibana instance is down, then does it mean we have an outage unless and until we provide other URL of the Kibana instance to the business users.

  3. What is the data sync policy between the 3 nodes and if one nodes fails do we have any data lose or data inconsistency problems. If yes then how can we avoid this?


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