Elastic search stats to Kibana

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I have a working elastic search on my server and i was checking to use Kibana for search stats but i am not sure if i must use also logstash to get this work...

Any tutorials?

Thank you

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You do not need logstash unless you want to use logstash for ingestion of event data.
We have beats which also send event data to Elasticsearch.

See here for a webinar on kibana. https://www.elastic.co/webinars/getting-started-kibana

You will need to PUT some data into Elasticsearch before you can visually explore it, yes.

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Thanks for your reply !

I don't need event data at the moment so i will go ahead with the elastic search and kibana direct integration...

Any sample or info for the PUT data that i will need to provide?

(Jymit Singh Khondhu) #4

What do you want to use Elasticsearch for?


(Dimitris) #5

I am using it at my Invision forum to provide search for my users and is working great and i just want to get some visualization for it....

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Ok i install Kibana and i connect it with elastic search and it was automatically detect my index name and i got the data imported with no issues but don't know now how to visualize them .....

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You had all the resources there in our docs.

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