Elastic-security listening port

Is it possible to change the port elastic-security service is listening on the localhost?
Found that elastic is listening on 6788 and 6789 ports locally but those are reserved for other things on couple of our hosts and that means elastic security module is not working :frowning:

6788 is GRPC port, found a topic how to change this, but question remains on 6789, is it possible to change this also?

elastic-a 144 root 15u IPv4 0x7ad9699d33fd6c57 0t0 TCP localhost:6789 (LISTEN)

Hi @Guncixx

Thanks for checking out Endpoint Security. I'm sorry to say that right now there is no way to change that port number. I do understand how this is a problem for you and that we need to build a solution for this in the future.

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