Elastic Stack on Azure Marketplace - Fail to access kibana IP address

After installing this solution template, can't access the provided IP on port 5601.
Elastic Stack - (Elasticsearch, Kibana, X-Pack)

Also followed this demo:
Elastic Stack on Azure deployment demo: Azure Marketplace

What am I missing?

This could be some connectivity issue with Azure itself and not specifically related to Elasticsearch.

I suggest that you reach out Azure support first.

@Doron_Raz Sounds like this may be a transient error in setting up resources on Azure. A few things to check

  1. Did all of the resources deploy successfully? You'll be able to see this by looking at the resource group in the Azure portal and looking at the "Deployments" sub header in the resource group blade.

  2. Is the Network Security Group for Kibana set up correctly? An NSG should be attached to allow TCP traffic on port 22 (to allow you to ssh into the machine) and port 5601

  3. When you ssh into the Kibana machine, is the Kibana service running? You can ssh into Kibana using its public IP address or DNS name

    ssh <admin>@<dnsname>.<region>.cloudapp.azure.com

    where admin is the admin username that you chose in step 1 of the portal. You'll need the password or ssh key that you specified for the admin in step 1 of the portal.

    You can check the status of the service with

    sudo service kibana status

    If the service is not running, you can start it with

    sudo service kibana start
  4. If the kibana service does not start, you can check the kibana logs with

    cat /var/log/kibana.log

    There may be some useful information in the log that can help diagnose the issue.

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