Cannot log in to Kibana in Azure

I've created an ElasticStack from Azure but when I try to log in to Kibana through the IP Address (IPADDRESS:5601) then this error is generated:


Can you please help me to solve this problem @forloop ?


To clarify, you get a JSON response of


When navigating to http(s)://IPADDRESS:5601 in the browser?

Some things to look at to start:

  1. Was template deployment successful? If not, what was the error message?

  2. What do the kibana logs on the VM show? You can get these by ssh'ing into the Kibana VM using the admin username and password/ssh key defined in the template or Marketplace steps. The log file will be located at /var/log/kibana.log.

  3. What's in the kibana configuration file? You can find this in /etc/kibana/kibana.yml and redact any sensitive information if posting here.

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Yes, the JSON response comes when I navigate tohttp(s)://IPADDRESS:5601 in the browser.

  1. The template deployment was successfull. Everything is on green.

  2. I am new to this sry for this "beginner" question: can I ssh into Kibana VM through the Power Shell in Azure Portal?

The Azure Marketplace deploys Elasticsearch onto Ubuntu VMs, so you'll need an ssh client to log in. You can use Azure cloud shell with Bash if you don't have an ssh client on your machine.

You'll need to ssh into Kibana VM using the admin username and password/ssh key that was specified in step of the Azure Marketplace portal:

In the shell

ssh <admin username>@<kibana public IP address>

Take a look at the accessing nodes documentation for more details. Once connected to the Kibana VM, you'll can then access the files, ssh into another VM on the network, etc.

Thank you! I will give it a try and come back with my progress.

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