ElasticDiagnostic tool issue when running

Hi ,

I am running elasticdiagnostic tool and facing this issue ,Can someone help?

support-diagnostics-7.0.8]$ ./diagnostics.sh --host ***** --port 9200 -u elastic -p --ssl --noVerify
Using /usr/bin/java as Java Runtime
Using -Xms256m -Xmx2000m for options.
10:20:47 INFO Processing diagnosticInputs...
10:20:50 INFO Creating temp directory: /tmp/support-diagnostics-7.0.8/diagnostics
10:20:50 INFO Created temp directory: /tmp/support-diagnostics-7.0.8/diagnostics
10:20:50 INFO Configuring log file.
10:20:50 INFO Writing diagnostic manifest.
10:20:50 INFO Checking for diagnostic version updates.
10:20:50 INFO Getting Elasticsearch Version.
10:20:50 INFO Log close complete.
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: DiagnosticService runtime error
at com.elastic.support.diagnostics.chain.DiagnosticChainExec.runDiagnostic(DiagnosticChainExec.java:22)
at com.elastic.support.diagnostics.DiagnosticService.exec(DiagnosticService.java:59)
at com.elastic.support.diagnostics.DiagnosticApp.main(DiagnosticApp.java:31)

this looks a little bit like this one at the support diagnostics repo. That commit has not yet seen a release though.

You can however clone the github release and run mvn clean package, which will result in a package in the target/ directory.

I will also ask if there is the possibility of another release.

If it still does not work, feel free to open an issue in the respective github repo.

The first thing the diagnostic does is attempt to get the Elasticsearch version, so that's also the first time it tries to connect. If it didn't get past that step, you had an issue with the connection to that host. It could be any of a number of things:

  • Incorrect or inaccessible host name or IP
  • Certificate issues
  • Failure to authenticate

As detailed in the Troubleshooting section, the place to look for this is the diagnostics.log. An archive is created every time whether it succeeds or fails, and that log will be present within it. You may want to take a look in there - the fix referred to above only pertains to an authentication failure, which may or may not be your issue. There will certainly be more extensive information in the log.

BTW, if you're a support customer you may want to just open an issue if and when you hit this. Most of our engineers have seen these before and they'll either know the answer or reach out to me pretty quickly.

Hi ,

I downloaded suggested version and it seems my issue solved

Hi Greg,

It seems currently we are running fine and yes we are supported customers.

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