Support Diagnostic Tool failing

I'm trying to run diagnostics-8.2.6 on my ES node running on Openshift 4.6 with Elastic Stack version 7.16.2.
The command being used is:

./ --host logging-es --port 9200 --type local -u ayush.mathur --ssl --pkiKeystore ../cert/my-keystore.jks --bypassDiagVerify

However, it's failing with below response:

Using /usr/share/elasticsearch/jdk//bin/java as Java Runtime
Using -Xms256m -Xmx2000m  for options.
2022-01-11 09:09:46,005 main ERROR Unable to locate appender "diag" for logger config "root"
Processing diagnosticInputs...
Closing loggers.
Archiving diagnostic results.
Archive: was created
Couldn't create zip archive. Trying tar.gz
Archive: -20220111-090946.tar.gz was created
Couldn't create tar.gz archive.
Fatal error occurred: Couldn't create zip and tar.gz archives.. Check diagnostics.log in the archive file for more detail.

There is no diagnostics.log file generated and all the archives are empty. Can someone please point me to the right direction ?

Hello @Ayush_Mathur

I received the same error until I realized zip was not installed on this host per default.

The error message is a bit misleading and no diagnostics.log file or archive has been created - only a temp zip and tar file

Best regrds

Hello @fgjensen
Thank you for the details, but in my case I cannot really install zip due to policies implication. Is there any other way to your knowledge to get things work ?

Best Regards,
Ayush Mathur

Hi @Ayush_Mathur

The tool works with tar, too, if this is an option you may use. I not sure if you can avoid to compress the output files on the host, but I do not think so.

Good luck

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